Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Building

We are moving into the new building! A few weeks ago we began renting a new building near where we have been working. It is in a good location and has space to grow. This past week we have begun the work of building an extra room onto what will be Marcos’ new house. Later we will begin working on the rest of the building, which was formally a warehouse. The landlord will continue to use the front of the building, while we will use the warehouse in the back.

Missed call

Don’t you hate missed calls; or when the call will not go thru because there is no service. The other day a national holiday fell on a Monday, which is the day our small group meets (which is across the street from children’s ministry, Awana). I had forgotten to tell Marcos not to come because the people were not expecting to have the bible study. So I called him before the Bible study to let him know. Well, he did not get the call, and came anyways. I was across the street, when he came, he told me that he had missed my call and asked if there was anything I had needed. I explained to him that the bible study had been canceled. We agreed but at least he could make a social visit to the family.
Because it was a holiday Juana’s son Cesar was home (the bible study is usually at Juana’s house). Cesar and his wife, Eva, had recently moved into Juana’s house. Marcos was able to present the message of salvation to both Cesar and Eva. At the end of their time together, they both accepted Jesus as Savior! Last week they were both at small group last week. Pray that Cesar and Eva will be strong in their new faith. They are excited that the church building will be close to where they live. (Photo: Eva, far left) Pray for Danny(in green), a new believer, that he will understand the meaning of salvation.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Back to the Future

I few months ago I was in traffic with one of the more interesting cars I've seen in Asuncion. I was kicking myself because I did not have my camera with me. As fate had it, we were to reconnect again. I was just pulling out from the airport after dropping my dad off when I saw the “DeLorean”, looking just as good as ever. Yes, the travel-top stays permanently in place. If I could go back into the future, I would like to bring back Mountain Dew with me (it comes to Paraguay in 2035 by the way).