Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Building

We are moving into the new building! A few weeks ago we began renting a new building near where we have been working. It is in a good location and has space to grow. This past week we have begun the work of building an extra room onto what will be Marcos’ new house. Later we will begin working on the rest of the building, which was formally a warehouse. The landlord will continue to use the front of the building, while we will use the warehouse in the back.

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Valarie said...

How exciting to see things are moving along with the building! Looks great. Dan and I are actually in N Georgia right now! We went to Helen on Sunday for a few hours. Yesterday we went and hiked around Ana Ruby Falls. We woke up and had a little gift from GOD, snow flurries!!! We were like little kids. Because the temp was in the high 30's and the wind was very strong we just hung out in the cabin-did some reading, had a fire, shot about 10 games of pool (Dan won 9 of them) then sat in the jacuzzi! We are loving it up here! Hope all is well with the family and the babies are growing strong. I loved the sonogram pics! Let us know what we are having :-)