Wednesday, June 24, 2009

As we transition back into the US, many things are quite new for the boys. Caleb was a year old when we left for language school in Costa Rica. The boys have enjoyed many new things. One being the “transformer bed”, most of you know it by its other name, a fold out bed. While most would complain about its poorly placed bars, the boys are content in its transforming comfort.
Along with the “transformer bed” comes the “transformer chair” aka Lazyboy chair.
Josiah loves the automatic dispensers in the bathrooms. The motion sensor dispenses water, soap, and paper towels. He often washes more than once (which is not a bad thing).

With all these changes brings fear as-well. Our fearless Josiah has shown moments of fear. Remember to keep both Josiah and Caleb in pray this year as they experience American life.


Lisa said...

Hi Schells---It was fun to get to see your beautiful baby girls! Thank you for sharing them, keep up the blogging! Lisa M. (summer of '08)

evangelight said...

Enjoyed the sincerity in your preaching today. What is your address in Tacoa and how long are you there? Sincerely praying for u and your family. Evangelist Judith Poach