Monday, June 7, 2010

dusting off the blog

As we head back to PY in a few weeks we are dusting off the blog. Its been a great year in the states. We have had some great times with friends and family. I was able to see both my sports teams win national titles; Duke and Alabama. Sarah bought me tickets to Duke for my birthday and my missionary friend Charles got me into the Mississippi St./Alamaba game. We also had a chance to see NYC for the first time. (I also went to NJ)

We have also enjoyed being on the campas of Toccoa Falls College. We loved getting to know the students in a personal way. I was also able to get some amazing babysitters through the college; ones that the kids loved and we will continue to be in contact with. This year Forest and I celebrated our 10th year anniversary, so we took a trip to St. Lucia. We took advantage of having some amazing grandparents near by to watch the kids. We really have been blessed this year in many ways. Continue to pray for us as we get our stuff ready to head back to Paraguay.
We leave July 15th.

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