Saturday, August 16, 2008

New President takes office

Fernando Lugo, ex-bishop of the catholic church took office yesterday, bringing an end to 61 years of rule by the Colorado party. He enters into office to govern a country with many needs, needs that he has promised to fix. He is seen as a “man of the people”, humble, kind and more honest than most. On a fashion note, Lugo will not be wearing suits or dress shoes, but rather the classic hand woven Paraguayan shirt and leather sandals. Pray that Lugo would yield to God's will and serve Paraguay well.
What he's up against.
-31% (2.1 million people) live in poverty.
-family violence rose by 50% this past year.
-27 agents in the law enforcement were fired for corruption.
-10 children die each day, 7 of those 10 of causes avoidable.
-4% of children born each year don’t complete one year
of life.
-5% of children suffer from extreme malnutrition.
-2 out of 10 students make it into high school (3 of 10 reach
middle school)
-53% of elementary schools don’t have libraries.
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