Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fun times in the DMV

PROBLEM: 8 missionaries need driver’s licenses. One DMV would not give them to us because we do not have our permanent residence.

SOLUCION: Go to a different DMV with a contact person to help us out.

9:45 All eight missionaries met at our house for prayer and to travel together.
10:00 Meet our contact person Guido.
10:05 Found out that this DMV would give us our licenses but needed to take a blood test, vision test, hearing test, driving test and a written test.
10: 15 We were all getting blood tests done to see what time of blood we have.
11:00 Went and got our vision test. We couldn’t figure out where to go for the hearing test. We had paid for it but weren’t sure where to go. Later found out that the hearing test is included in the vision test. We had to be able to hear the instructor for the directions. We all passed!
11:30 Driving test began. But soon found out that three of us could not take the test because we were wearing sandals. Forest ran back to the house to get a pair of tennis shoes. We just passed the shoes from person to person. It is illegal to drive in Paraguay with sandals. If we get in an accident, and we are wearing sandals, insurance will not pay for the damages. We all passed the driving test!
12:15 Written test begins. We all have been driving for at least 15 years. We know the road rules. But in Spanish? Different story. It was a pretty difficult test. Every 2 minutes one of us would ask the proctor for help.
1:15 Got the news that 7 out of 8 missionaries FAILED the test! The only one to pass was Bruce Harmon, a missionary who spent 25 years in the Philippines!

THE FOLLOWING DAY we all returned to retake the test. However, this time we came in prepared and all studied up. WE ALL PASSED! At the end of the day, we all had our Paraguayan licenses in hand and ready to hit the road (in toe covered shoes that is)


scheller said...

Forest did you get bonus points for knowing how to chase down a hit-and-run suspect?

Nancy said...

hey guys! glad you could get your drivers license! I couldn't get mine when i was there. Juan hasn't gotten his license here yet because he needs a driving record from paraguay (like that actually exists there!)
miss you guys alot...

JB and Iris said...

Congrats, guys! Just heard (through Jarvis' facebook!) that you guys are having twins!!!! Some of our colleagues here just found out they are due in Feb with twins, too! Your boys are getting so big (and cute!) Look forward to seeing you guys on HA next year!