Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sound Equipment!

We finally bought sound equipment for the church plant! For some time Marcos (my national co-pastor) and I have been checking prices for equipment here in Asuncion. Trying to stretch the money as much as we could, we set off on a 5 hour trip to Ciudad del Este, a city that borders with Brazil. There, you can find better deals on almost anything. Marcos and I took with another guy that knows a lot about sound systems and sound quality. We left Thursday afternoon and had planned on stopping and getting ice cream at a German dairy market, but we just missed getting in before closing time. (I think it is the best ice cream in the country) We spent the night in Ciudad del Este, at the house of a Chilean missionary that also works with the C&MA.
The next morning we got up early and started shopping, after a few hours we found one shop that had just about everything we needed. It took longer than we expected to get everything to the car; the little store where we bought the equipment had to go get it from their warehouse. We had hoped again to stop and get ice cream at the market that is outside of Ciudad del Este, but we did not make it again. We finally made it back Friday night at 10pm.
In all we purchased two speakers, a monitor, amplifier, mixer, keyboard and stand, and some mic wires. We returned content with what we bought, feeling that it we had purchased as much as we could. We are happy to have a sound system that we can do more public events in the neighborhood. Please pray that with the sound equipment we are able to reach many people.


The Team - Joe, Susan, Fran, Lisa, Domi & Jenn said...


So exciting to hear about sound gear for the church plant. We're getting ready for Sunday where the whole CBNC service will be dedicated to Paraguay, and we'll be kicking off a new effort with the congregation to pray for all of you doing the Lord's work down there in Paraguay. And no, I don't drink McDonalds Lattes, but I do know where Paraguay is.


Nancy said...

COOl! Can you please put some more pics? -juan